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Technical Information

Enamel is an organic material produced by pulverizing glass and holding it on cold rolled sheet metal. Thanks to the coating made with enamel, the kitchen tools and utensils produced are safe against rust.
The enamel coating ensures both the durability of the kitchen tools and utensils produced, and the coating made by grinding the organic material, glass, ensures the healthy use of the products.
Since the enamel coating adheres to the material surface, technically called sheet metal, at approximately 850 °C, it provides extra durability in kitchen use and prevents the sheet material from oscillating on the cooked foodstuffs. In this way, the foodstuffs cooked in your kitchen are healthier than other kitchen tools and utensils. Cooked foodstuffs do not lose their flavor.
The durability of the enamel coating also ensures that kitchen tools and utensils can be used on all stoves, including induction (electric) cookers, and are not damaged when washed in the dishwasher.
Another benefit of enamel kitchenware is that it has an antibacterial surface. In this way, it ensures that the foodstuffs are preserved for a longer period of time without deterioration, especially during storage. It also prevents allergic reactions.
As the enamel is resistant to UV rays, it retains its color for years.
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